ago 26, 2013
Puerto Ventanas positive earnings
Good quarterly results and investment plans generated a return of 7.13% in the shares of Puerto Ventanas earnings.

Inversor Global  10-07-2013

It may be because it is one of the few ports shares traded on the Santiago Stock Exchange , or because it is not a sector as exciting as the retail or banking, but the truth is that far from the headlines , the actions Puerto Ventanas ( WINDOWS ) are among those that offer better returns in the local market these days . Even when compared with other investment instruments.

We are on order. Puerto Ventanas is a subsidiary of industrial group Sigdo Koopers , which manages three business areas : Services , which includes the Company's construction and industrial assembly and transport and logistics Industry , bringing together rock fragmentation companies , production and marketing grinding balls and wear parts for mining and industry, high-tech plastic films and petrochemical sector , and Commercial and Automotive , which brings together companies of representation, distribution and rental of machinery, and marketing of cars .

In this scheme, Puerto Ventanas SA depends on the first of these three areas and private port is the main central region of the country, besides being the largest grain port area with a market share of 52% in the dry bulk transfer .

Windows Port operations consist primarily of bulk transfer , including the loading and unloading of ships and the resulting load on the storage if required . Additionally and through the partnership with Glencore International AG , provides fueling services to vessels in the central area , to which has two minitanqueros .

The main customers are important Ventanas mining companies , electrical, chemical and industrial country, which are maintained long-term contracts .

In the first quarter of this year 's profits Puerto Window Sigdo subsidiary of Koppers - recorded a positive increase of 39 % over the same period last year , totaling $ 4.8 million, according to its financial statements sent to the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance ( SVS ) .

Meanwhile, consolidated revenue Puerto Ventanas totaled $ 36.8 million , which meant an increase of 13 % over the past period. In addition , the first quarter of 2013 EBITDA ( earnings before interest , taxes , depreciation and amortization) increased by 27 % over the same period last year , to reach U.S. $ 10.6 billion.

This significant increase in the company's results is mainly due to the increase in freight movement , which reached 1.47 million tons in the first three months of this year, which compares favorably with the 1.25 million tons moved the first quarter last year.

These positive news have felt in the local stock market . The company's stock accumulate as the year a return of 7.13% and in relation to July 2012 it reached 3.75 %. Currently Puerto Ventanas titles are worth $ 141 on the market.

And if you take the rating given by Fitch at the end of last year to the company , the news is optimistic : according to the sorter , Puerto Ventanas has an adequate credit profile in the market leading position as the third largest port of the region and the first bulk cargoes .

Also noteworthy is that Puerto Ventanas has maintained a stable operational performance with a consolidated sales have shown growth of 21 % in 2011 , discounting non-recurring asset sales , and 4.7 % in the first half of 2012 . As for the consolidated financial debt of the company, it has remained stable at around U.S. $ 65 million , despite the credits taken in 2011 and 2012 to finance investments and working capital.


Now, at the level of investments in 2011 and in the first six months of 2012 , the company made significant investments in fixed assets ( U.S. $ 17 million and $ 19 million, respectively). To which is added the announcement in April shareholders meeting where it was reported a desire to increase from 10% to 13% for cargo transportation this 2013 .