We offer a comprehensive service to the freight, which involves the loading, unloading, portage, storage, customs, inventory control and delivery to its warehouses.

Currently the port moves, among other products, metallic copper, iron bars and/or steel, bagged cargo are transferred with maneuvering the vessel and/or port cranes. The cargo is received or shipped by truck and/or railroad.

Port Services Fee: Wharfage Integral Service

The fee structure for the "Integral Pier Service " is made up of a fixed and a variable charge, according to the segment of the Tonnage of the Gross record (TRG) of the ship that moors in the sites of the Port according to what is stated in the Lloyd`s Register of Shipping and, when the latter is not available, the TRG determined by the Marine Authorities will be used for the payment of pilotage rights.

The service, provided by AGMAC S.A., subsidiary of Puerto Ventanas S.A., includes the incorporation of tugs and laid up (bollarding), for all the sites of the Port, for all the maneuvering of the ships, or naval devices, the request or use the mooring sites or facilities of the port of PVSA. The fees correspond to each maneuvering as described below.

The fixed charge includes the mooring for the twelve (12) first hours, plus the tugging service in one mooring maneuvering and one departure maneuvering, which corresponds to 2 hours for the two tasks (1 [h] for mooring and 1 [h] for departure), plus the service of laid up (bollarding) at the arrival and departure of the ship. This fixed charge is in any event, whether the service of tugging provided by AGMAC S.A. is used or not. The variable charge, only considers the wharfage after the first twelve hours, according to the segment of the TRG of the ship mooring, per hour. Both charges will be performed after weighing anchor.