Port System

Given the particular characteristics of the Port, clients will reduce the cost of ocean and ground transportation as well as storage. Those special characteristics are:

  • Specialized and highly-skilled staff.
  • Port operating 24 hours a day, to receive vessels.
  • Integral wharfage service.
  • Four berths with the deepest drafts in the central zone of the country.
  • Ability to receive and assist ships up to 70,000 tons and a maximum draft of 14.3 meters. (46.91 feet).
  • Modern mechanized systems that allow loading and unloading yields depending on the product, more than 18,000 tons per day.
  • Customs warehouse, with storage for clean bulk , liquid bulk tank and large storage yards for general cargo.
  • 140 hectares of land for the storage and collection of loads and for development of new investment themselves or customers.
  • Railway terminal within the facility.
  • Expedited roadside routes to the different centers of production and consumption (132 km from Santiago and 320 km from Mendoza , Argentina ).


The main advantages of Puerto Ventanas over other ports are:

  • Sites with biggest drafts, which involve unit cost economy.
  • No enbankment problems.
  • More security.
  • More berth sites availability.
  • Private management customer oriented: meeting the needs of its customers by providing flexible and efficient port services.