Sustainability Policies

Puerto Ventanas is the largest private port in central Chile. It's located in Quintero Bay, Valparaiso, which has large gathering spaces and modern facilities that give competitive advantage.


To be recognized as the best port services company, and as leaders in the continuous search for sustainable, economic, environmental and social development, allowing us to grow sustainably.


Contribute to the sustainable progress of Chile, providing our customers with high quality port services and generating value and development opportunities to the community, shareholders, suppliers and partners.

Values ​​and Corporate Principles

Our main commitment is responsibly use the resources and the coastal marine area where it is located in the Port, seeking to promote sustainable development, ethical and respectful behaving community, the environment and the actors involved in the business.

The principles that guide the actions of the company are: participation, transparency, shared value, respect for human rights and the applicable legal frameworks activity.

Corporate Commitments

With each of our stakeholders, we seek to generate long-term collaboration inspired by our values ​​and principles. We are committed to each of them:


  • Grow within the company the fellowship and ethical behavior among all members of the organization, using as a guide a code of ethical behavior. Develop management health and safety of employees.
  • Enhance their professional development through education and training, and promoting the balance among work and family life.


  • Generate long term returns for our shareholders, sustainable management, with high standards of quality and safety, strengthening the link with loyalty, transparency and efficiency.


  • Meeting the needs of our customers listening their expectations and including them in decision-making, to provide benefits of agile and efficient port services and promoting the long term contractual relationship, offering opportunities to promote sustainable development.


  • We seek to build relationships based on trust and transparency, being pillars of our business, keeping the community informed about the various activities and services of the Port, articulating the link from areas of community integration.
  • Is a value respect the interests, rights and concerns of the community. We understand community, people, organizations and their representatives in the area of ​​Puerto Ventanas influence, in Ventanas, Puchuncavi commune.
  • We ensure that the interests of the community, the expectations of society and sustainable development, are considered in the decisions and activities of our company.
  • We are committed to respect the cultural identity of the community, its environment care, promote health rights and education, favoring vulnerable groups and enhance the economic activities of the area.


  • Provide our suppliers friendly, diligent and timely treatment, establishing fair deals for both parties, seeking to empower local sustainable development and eco suppliers.


  • Provide care and protection of the environment, generating actions so that the impact of our business does not affect, in the short or long term, the right of future generations to live in a healthy environment. In this context, our company is in the process of re-certification of ISO 9001-2008 for quality management systems and, being certified on an Integrated Management System, which includes the ISO 14001 environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 safety and health.