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At Puerto Ventanas, we value the efforts of our workers to successfully reach their goals. That is why we strive to recognize, support, protect and celebrate with our employees. We have generated a quality of life unit that runs a series of activities to remain close to them and timely detect our workers’ needs.
  • Insurance, health and benefits

    Insurance, health and benefits

    We care for the protection and quality of life or our employees, with life and health insurance that covers high-cost illnesses or accidents. We also develop preventive and vaccination programs for them. We have signed agreements with the leading clinics in the Valparaiso region for their emergency treatment, available for all our employees and their families.

  • Events


    We commemorate key dates, such as Labor Day, the port workers day, national holidays, anniversaries and end of the year events.
    We run several annual activities to promote and strengthen our employees’ sense of identity with the company, as well as initiatives to contribute to developing a good working environment.
    We also have a family visitor program, where relatives are invited to the port to meet our facilities.

  • Education


    We support our workers in the education of their children, whether it is basic and secondary education, or they study a technical or college degree. We also have agreements with the most important technical and vocational institutions, such as Duoc UC and Inacap. We also grant loans and scholarships to provide economic and professional support to our employees, allowing them to fulfil their life plans with us.