Puerto Ventanas and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez held Seminar on Port Law

The Faculty of Law of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, together with the Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law, with the sponsorship of Puerto Ventanas S.A, held this Tthe First Seminar on Port Institutions, as a meeting to discuss and debate, where leading academics, national and international public actors, revised local and comparative experiences, in terms of sustainability, civil liability, insurance, and risks, focusing primarily on the convenience of a new institutional regulation.
The seminar was attended by Ramiro Mendoza, Dean of the UAI Law School and Rafael Durán, Vice-President of the Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law.
Dieter Schwampe, professor at the University of Hamburg and the German Maritime Law Association, member of the CMI and vice-president of maritime insurance AIDA, also spoke about the “legal keys to German and European port success.”
During the seminar, the experience of Puerto Ventanas S.A. was presented. Its Sustainability Manager, Luis Fuentes M., presented the terminal’s sustainability strategy and the main results achieved in terms of community relations, modernization of its facilities, labor relations and implementation of high environmental standards in its operations.
Earlier this year Puerto Ventanas, received the Maritime Award of the Americas, given by the Inter-American Committee on Ports of the OAS, in the category of Green Port Operations.
Ramiro Mendoza, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the UAI, highlighted the participation of Puerto Ventanas when he pointed out: “we are very happy that Puerto Ventanas has taken a step as a society and a corporation to collaborate developing this initiative. This opens a venue where the university can include all the sectors and actors that can influence and have an influence on topics so relevant for the development of the country.”