We offer our customers a port service of excellence, with over 27 years of experience, turning us into a key player and a referent in the supply chain for the leading importers and exporters in Chile. We put at your disposal a high standard infrastructure and a broad knowledge of shipping services.



Puerto Ventanas has over 27,000 m2 of covered storage distributed in over eight warehouses. It also has collection sites for different types of cargo, with the highest standards of service, quality and sustainability demanded by today's industry. All our facilities are connected to the main roads and rail networks in Chile.

One of our latest buildings is the new La Greda warehouse, which stores copper concentrate with the ñatesttechnology in reception systems, and a spreader for dump containers, to deliver products directly to the warehouse through chutes and conveyor belts.

Puerto Ventanas additionally has over 100 ha. of backup available to develop custom made solutions.