Puerto Ventanas receives “Executive Trajectory in Caring for Life 2018” award by the IST

On Wednesday, November 7, the Institute of Labor Safety (IST) recognized Jorge Oyarce S., general manager of Puerto Ventanas, with the award “Executive Trajectory in Caring for Life 2018” that annually gives executives standing out for their excellence, contributions and result in preventive management within their companies.
The award was given as part of the 2018 Annual Recognitions in Risk Prevention, where the IST recognizes the affiliated companies that contribute to the development of a preventive culture within their organizations.
Among IST’s reasons to elect an example of safety, they explained that Puerto Ventanas has developed a systematic management system focused on the care of its workers. It has achieved a continuous decrease in accident rates and, in particular, they recognized Jorge Oyarce’s a proven track record and strong leadership in promoting relevant positive changes in the preventive culture of Puerto Ventanas S.A.
The general manager of the IST, Gustavo Gonzalez, stated: “for us, this award to a trajectory is a very relevant issue because we recognize a person who is an undisputed leader, who defines how to do things in an organization. We are talking about prevention and safety, where life is at the center, and Jorge stands out throughout his career in that regard, he has that in mind through all his work and in each of the activities he does, as he puts it as the pillar of his management practices. This is reflected in everything he does to lead a company like Puerto Ventanas.”
In these distinctions, the IST is supporting its affiliates to operate safely, delivering effective tools to promote an operation in a safer and more productive work environment.
The general manager of Puerto Ventanas, Jorge Oyarce, commented: “this award given to our Port is recognition to the initiatives that we have carried out together with our workers, always seeking to put the safety and integral care of life in the first place. I want to share this recognition with the entire team of our port, who every day focus on contributing to the continuous development of our company, with a proven commitment.
He added that “the companies and people recognized today in the annual distinction in prevention 2018, have understood that prevention is not an isolated concept built among specialists, but is an aspect of everyday life that, present in our daily actions.