Inter-American Committee on Ports gives Puerto Ventanas Green Port recognition

For the first time, a Chilean port operator receives international recognition for this category.

For the first time, a Chilean port operator receives international recognition for this category.

As part of the II Hemispheric Seminar “Creating a Competitive and Inclusive Port Sector,” held May 23-25 in Lima, Peru, the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) of the Organization of American States (OAS) presented Puerto Ventanas – a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers SA group – with Maritime Award of the Americas 2017 in the category “Green Operations” in Ports and/or Terminals.

This is the fourth edition of this international award, which recognizes the successful practices of public or private ports, terminals, or maritime companies within the 35 Member States of the CIP/OAS, for their contribution to environmentally sustainable port operations and the implementation of green activities to promote the protection of the maritime environment.

The Secretary of the Inter-American Committee on Ports, Jorge Durán, explained that the award given to Puerto Ventanas reflects “the dedication, leadership, and commitment to sustainable port development. He added that “as well as getting a high ranking, Puerto Ventanas’s successful showed measurable results and, best of all, a sustainable impact.”

Jorge Oyarce, General manager of Puerto Ventanas, said: “We are pleased and proud of this award, that recognizes our company’s sustainable development model and motivates us to continue moving forward in this field. We are convinced that the only way to project into the future and consolidate our leading position in the industry is by delivering of a service of excellence and quality, ensuring the safety of our employees, the care of our environment and a harmonious relationship with our neighboring communities at all times.
About the Award

The 2017 Maritime Award of the Americas is given by the CIP Secretariat (S/CIP) in collaboration with the North American Association for the Protection of the Marine Environment (NAMEPA), the Latin American Society of Oil and Monobuoys Maritime Terminal Operators (SLOM) and other strategic partners. It recognizes successful practices in the maritime and port sectors of the Hemisphere that can demonstrate excellence, sustainability, leadership, innovation, and replication. In awarding the prize, the jury’s consideration process includes companies from the public and private port sector in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
Among the activities that Puerto Ventanas has carried out to earn this achievement was the development of an Investment Master Plan to modernize its facilities and infrastructure, incorporating new technologies for sustainable operations and developing an energy efficiency plan.

Also, the company has continued to strengthen its ties with the local community, especially Puchuncaví, by actions to promote culture, enhance the local identity, and improve the quality of life of its neighbors.

“Our port is an important link within the mining and energy industry in Chile. In addition to providing a service of excellence we look for our actions add to value to our customers, and also provide development for those who work in Puerto Ventanas and live in the Puchuncaví,” the general manager said.

A sustainable management model

In 2016 and 2017, as a result of its sustainable management model, Puerto Ventanas received two outstanding awards: the Gold Seal of Energy Efficiency (2016 and 2017), given by the Chilean Ministry of Energy for the implementation of Energy Efficiency Policies with proven results, and the Chile Footprint (2017), awarded by the Ministry of the Environment. Besides, it was given with the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Award, presented by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Valparaiso, which gave Puerto Ventanas a recognition for its “Regional Sustainable Management Model.”

Puerto Ventanas is also the first Green Port in Chile to be awarded the EcoPorts standard, an environmental performance standard created exclusively for Ports. To obtain this certification, Puerto Ventanas needed to comply with a strict verification of its environmental practices and performance, where it provided evidence of its control systems to meet with its legal and regulatory obligations, its practices in the handling of solid bulks and other freight handled by the Port, as well as its community work. Lloyd Register in the Netherlands oversaw the verification of the documentation.