Puerto Ventanas receives Corporate Responsibility Award

Puerto Ventanas S.A.'s sustainable management model in the Valparaiso region s recognized.

Puerto Ventanas S.A. received the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award, presented annually by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Valparaiso. This recognizes outstanding companies in the implementation of its CSR strategy, the promotion of good practices for the business sector, demonstration of proactive management practices, and their contribution to the sustainable development of the Valparaiso region.
Puerto Ventanas was recognized for its sustainable practices, which are consistent with its policies. This is reflected in multiple labor, environmental and social initiatives in labor considered by the CRCP, as a business model that can motivate associates to perform actions, programs, projects and strategies with the same inspiration and motivation.
Puerto Ventanas is the first green port in Chile, as it was awarded the EcoPorts standard, the only certification in the world created exclusively for ports.
The award was presented by the president of the Chamber, Pier-Paolo Zaccarelli, at a “Gala Dinner for Entrepreneurs” held on Friday, October 13 at the Casino of Viña del Mar.
In the opportunity, Zaccarelli explained that “this well-deserved stimulus is given to Puerto Ventanas for its dedicated commitment to improve the quality of life of the region, with management that stands out in economic issues, as well as their approach with people- both workers and the community- and the care for the environment.”
He added that “Puerto Ventanas’ Social Responsibility approach is reflected in its institutional policies and action plan, which are an excellent example of the private sector’s contribution to the sustainable development of our region.”
Jorge Oyarce, General Manager of Puerto Ventanas S.A, expressed: “We are very happy and proud for this distinction, which recognizes our model of sustainable development. This reflects our will to carry out initiatives that focus on the welfare of our employees, the development of the community, the efficiency of our processes and care for the environment, which are the strategic pillars of our company. In this way, we hope to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the region.”
Outstanding practices
The main actions carried out by Puerto Ventanas in its management plan, carried out with a sustainable vision, are reflected in multiple environmental, social and labor initiatives that strengthen the bonds with its employees, clients, authorities and the community of Puchuncaví, which have been developed systematically and consistently. The most important ones are its facilities and infrastructure modernization plan; the end of the event workers, as the 100% of temporary port workers with fixed income contract; signing a labor policy with the company’s unions; the publication of a commemorative book, “Puchuncaví Desde la Ventana” (Puchuncaví from the Window); developing of the Guide to Good Practices in Storage, Transport and Handling of Solid Bulks in Industrial Facilities, together with the environmental authority of the Valparaiso region; the EcoPorts certification, becoming the first Green Port of Chile; the support to the fishermen’s entrepreneurship at Caleta de Las Ventanas, an example of shared value; the activities of Puerto Ventanas’ Puerto Abierto Community Center and a program of community visits to our facilities as part of a plan of relationships and accountability with neighbors.
The mayor of Puchuncaví, Eliana Olmos, highlighted Puerto Ventanas’ distinction, stating: “we value and recognize the different initiatives carried out by Puerto Ventanas, becoming a positive player in our community, generating actions that contribute to the development of the community and its people.”